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Colon Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancer stands to be the 3rd-most common cancer among men, worldwide and in India, and the 2nd most common in women. 


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    Colon Cancer

    Colon and rectal cancer are more frequently observed and diagnosed among people of age 65 to 74 years (median age is 68 years), though lately, it is visible in the lower age groups also. In the western world, colon cancer is observed more commonly than rectal cancer. In India, rectal cancer is more common with men being commonly affected than women.

    Best Colorectal Cancer Doctors say that Colorectal cancer usually starts in the innermost layer (mucosa) and will grow through some or all of the tissue layers that make up the colon and rectum (submucosa, muscularis and serosa ). The extent to which a cancer penetrates the various tissue layers determines the stage of the disease.

    Colorectal Cancer Symptoms & Causes

    • Blood in stools
    • Change in bowel habits, for example diarrhea, increasing constipation or increasing requirement of laxatives and narrow caliber of stool that lasts for a few days or weeks or months
    • Abdominal or rectal pain
    • Constant feeling that you need to have bowel movements, which still persist after passing stool
    • Weakness, decrease in appetite and significant amount of weight loss in a few months.

    Few of these symptoms can be caused by other medical conditions, but awareness of the disease can help in early diagnosis. Any rectal bleeding is commonly associated with benign anorectal diseases like hemorrhoids or fissure. But colon cancer can sometimes coexist with hemorrhoids especially if age is more than 50 years, which can be a serious issue and shouldn’t be neglected.

    Treatments for Colorectal Cancer

    The method of Colon Cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease i.e, the status of its growth, how large the tumor has grown, how deeply it has invaded the layers of the colon or rectum, and whether it has spread to other organs like liver, lungs or any other parts of the body.

    Colon cancer treatment options include:

    • Radiation therapy
    • Chemotherapy
    • Hormonal and biological therapy
    • Local ablative therapy
    • A combination of all 3 approaches

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